About us

Athos Travel was founded in 2000 as a local travel agency in Prague (Czech Republic). Nowadays Athos Travel offers accommodation service in almost 40.000 most important cities all over the world (http://www.athos-travel.com/world-hotels). We are fully dedicated to our customers and guarantee the lowest internet rates for all the hotels presented on our websites.

1. Destinations all around the worldFast and efficient online reservation service. All reservations are proceeded within couple of minutes upon receiving. All the details (descriptions, photos, occupancy, prices, booking and cancellation conditions etc) listed on hotel presentation are updated directly by hotels and therefore we are able to provide immediate and accurate information.  

2. Destinations in the Czech Republic – Online reservation service with full customer service. All the details (descriptions, photos, occupancy, prices, booking and cancellation conditions etc) listed on hotel presentation are provided directly by hotels however we personally check all the properties on a regular basis. As we are locally based, we are able to help you with any request, recommend you the best deal according to your wishes and provide you with personal help from the beginning of planning your trip till your satisfied return home.

Please, do not hesitate to Contact us and let us take care of any detail of your holiday planning.

Our services


  • Great choice - Over 200.000 Hotels & Apartments all over the world
  • Instant on-line booking -  You recieve your confirmation within few minutes
  • Guest reviews - Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Best available rates - up to 80% Discount
  • Reservation is free - No booking fee

Office Address: Milady Horakove 116/109, 160 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic;    Phone: +420 - 277 004 677    Fax: +420 - 277 004 678    email: info@athos.cz

Our team

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    Alena Obstová

    Sales and Relations Manager (English, Čeština, Slovenčina, Deutsch, Italiano, По-русски, Polski, Español, Català, Français, Nederlands, Portugués, Ελλάδα, Svenska, Norsk, Suomi, Dansk, Magyar, Română, Türkçe, Български, Nihongo, Zhongwen, عربي)

    E-mail: obstova@athos.cz

    ICQ: 148572216

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    Tomáš Kamaryt

    Sales Manager (English, Čeština, Slovenčina)

    E-mail: tomas@athos.cz

    ICQ: 33661913

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    Filip Antoš

    Managing Partner (English, Čeština, Slovenčina, По-русски)

    E-mail: filip@athos.cz

    ICQ: 111385441

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    Lucie Janulíková

    Individual Reservations (English, Čeština, Deutsch)

    E-mail: janulikova@athos.cz

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    Vendula Krotilová

    Individual Reservations (English, Čeština)

    E-mail: krotilova@athos.cz

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    Ondřej Bílka

    Programmer (English, Čeština, Slovenčina)

    E-mail: bilka@athos.cz

    ICQ: 643034153

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    Andrea Pischnothová

    Individual Reservations (English, Čeština, Italiano, По-русски)

    E-mail: pischnothova@athos.cz

    ICQ: 218577989

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    Marek Antoš

    Partner (English, Čeština, Deutsch)

    E-mail: antos@iinfo.cz

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    Tereza Kašparová

    Individual Reservations - Temporarily on maternity leave :-) (English, Čeština, Slovenčina, Deutsch, Italiano, По-русски)

    E-mail: dvorakova@athos.cz