Carnestoltes (February/March)

Carbestiltes or the carnival is celebrated for several days during which people are dressed up in fancy dresses. According to the tradition people try to build the highest human tower possible.

Dia di Sant Jordi (April 23) – St. George's day

St. George is the patron saint of Catalonia. Barcelona is the center of celebrations of St. George's day. It is customary for men to give a rose to women and for women to give a book to men. The Rambla turns into a huge street market filled with stalls selling books and flowers.

Dia de Sant Ponc (May 11)

St.Ponc is the patron saint of herbalists. This festival is held on the El Hospital Street. One has the opportunity to buy a wide range of herbs, honey and succade.

Dia de Sant Joan (June 24) = St. John's Day

This day is the celebration of the summer outset. The celebration is accompanied with bonfires, fireworks and dancing.

Festival of el Grec (June to August)

Festival of el Grec is a celebration of “culture”. It is Barcelona's biggest theatrical, children's theatrical, musical and dancing festival.

Festa Mayor (mid-August) = Art Festival

Festa Mayor is a competition among residents of different streets and districts. Each street or district stages its own party (including concerts, parades, dances, games). The residents of the towns also compete, whose street will be decorated most attractively.

Festes de la Mercè (September 24)

This is the most awaited festival in Barcelona as Nostra Senoyra de la Mercè is the patron saint of Barcelona. It is celebrated with messes, concerts and dancing. The most famous event is Careffoc – a parade of people who are dressed up as devils and monsters. It is usually accompanied by a firework.