Fundacio Joan Miro

The Montjuïc or the Jewish mountain is an entertainment centre situated on a 213 meters high hill from where there is a unique panoramic view of the city. The Montjuïc is also an area with a high concentration of galleries, museums, parks and sports grounds. Montjuïc and its sports grounds are associated with the summer Olympic Games that took place in Barcelona in 1992, as the Olympic Ring which hosted not only the athletic contests but also the opening and closing ceremonies is situated there.

Places to see:

Plaça d’Espanya

Plaça d’Espanya is situated at the foot of the Montjuïc and thus forms an entrance to this place of entertainment. In the middle of the square there is a fountain with three sculptures representing shipping, trade and industry. It was designed by Josep Maria Jujol, Gaudí’s collaborator and follower. The two Venetian towers show us the way to the Magic fountain and Palau Nacional.

Poble Espanyol (Spanish village)

This unique complex was built in 1929 for the International Exhibition. It consists of 116 houses, which introduce different architectonical styles that can be found throughout Spain. Poble Espanyol is also a place when one can admire skilful craftsmen (one can see how clay, wood or glass are given fine shapes), buy some of the souvenirs made by them in craft workshops or just relax in a bar or a restaurant.

Museum Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Palau Nacional houses the best collection of art in the city. The most significant collection is that of Romanesque art, which is the most valuable one in the world. Apart from Romanesque art one can admire items from Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods there.

Fundació Joan Miró

A modern white building designed by Josep Lluís Sert houses the permanent exhibition that looks at the work of Joan Miró, a surrealist painter, sculptor and ceramist.

Jardins Costa i Llobera

This garden is named after the Majorcan poet Costa i Llobera. It is a fabulous place for a walk, which offers many breathtaking views on the city that is below. The walk itself is a unique experience and opportunity to see many subtropical plants such as palms and cacti that are grown there.