Beyond Barcelona


Monteserrat is a mountain (1235 meters high), which lies some 60 kilometers to the northwest of Barcelona. The name Mont serrat means jagged peaks/mountains according to the shape that characterizes this mountain. The Benedictine Monastery of Montserrat and the Basilica are the most important religious places in Catalonia and one of the most significant ones in Spain. The Basilica is the home to La Monereta (Black Madonna), which is the patron saint of Catalonia. Another attraction of the monastery is the boys' choir, which was established in the 13th century.

Port Aventuras

Port Aventuras is situated near to Terragona. It is one of the biggest theme parks in Europe. The park consists of five different worlds: China, Far West, Mexico, Polynesia and Mediterranean. Each world is characterized by wide range of attractions.


The town is the birthplace of Salvator Dalí. He established his own museum there: Teatro-Museo Dalí in 1974. The museum is the second most frequently visited museum in Spain (after Museo del Prado in Madrid). It is dedicated to Dalí's surrealist paintings.


In the 60s of the 20th century, this town was called "the Spanish St. Tropez" mainly because many people were attracted by its unspoiled bay and countryside. Among them there was: Salvador Dalí who used to spend there summer holidays and then moved to nearby Port Lligat, because the town's landscape was a source of inspiration for him.